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Large 6 Compartment Biodegradable Disposable Plates

This is heavy duty Biodegradable 6 compartment disposable plate great for any event. These plates are made with earth minerals so they are biodegradable but not soft material like pulp or bagasse where the hot curries seep in the plate. These plates have six deep compartments specially designed for Indian, Asian and Japanese(Sushi). These large six section disposable plastic plates can hold a few curries and dishes. They are perfect for school lunches/ meal tray, with custom designed compartments for occasions that have a variety of a dishes. This plate is bigger and sturdier than a usual small six compartment plate available in the market which is much cheaper as it flimsy and smaller. They come in pack of 40. 1 PACK = 40 Plates.

They come in pack of 40 plates.

 6 Compartment Plates
Dimensions : 10 × 8.5 × 1 inch

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